10 Winter St. is Moving Along!

PUSH has been making tremendous strides with our green, Net-Zero house, 10 Winter Street thanks to the tireless efforts of our YouthBuild crew, our property manager Clarke, and donations from various unions. We are tremendously excited and really eager to see it completed! Here are the features of our Net-Zero House: When completed, 10 Winter St. will stand as a model of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and will produce as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis. hence the phrase "Net-Zero House": Solar electricity—plans call for installation of a 4.5 kw roof-mounted photovoltaic array which will supply electrical power to the home and will power the mechanical equipment. Geothermal heat—heat in the home will be produced and distributed through a closed loop geothermal and radiant floor heating system. A heat pump in the basement will circulate a mixture of water and anti-freeze through piping buried underground in the vacant lot next door. As the mixture cycles through the system it is heated by the constant 50 degree temperature of the ground at that depth. A heat exchanger then transfers the heat to a storage tank where it can be used to supply the radiant floor heating system. Solar hot water—nearly all of the potable, domestic hot water needs of the home will be supplied by roof-mounted, evacuated tube solar panels. A highly efficient backup on-demand hot water heater will provide supplemental heat only on the coldest winter days. Super insulation—the home’s “thermal envelope,” or the insulated shell that buffers the interior living space from the weather, will be established combining the application of spray foam, dense pack cellulose, and rigid foam techniques. “Cool” metal roof—the home will be fitted with a standing seam, galvanized mill finish roofing system. The reflective finish of the roofing material will work to passively cool the home during the hottest summer months, thus reducing the need to mechanically cool the home which can require additional energy. In addition, the roof is 100% recyclable. 10 Winter Street has long been the most blighted property on an otherwise solid block and the residents of Winter Street consider this renovation a community priority. PUSH looks forward to using 10 Winter as a model of green energy production and sustainability in Buffalo's West Side.