100% Renewable, Clean Energy Campaign Set To Launch Soon

Some of the same people behind the successful national anti-fracking movement are at it again. 

There's a new campaign set to launch this month that aims to make "clean efficient energy accessible and affordable for everyone." We know from our Energy Democracy work in Buffalo and the state of New York that it's not always easy being green. It's a welcome sign to see momentum building not only internationally, but nationally to get the ball rolling on taking control of our energy future.

The 100% campaign high lights "leaders across the country (who) are working to make clean, efficient energy accessible and affordable for everyone." Organizations and people in New York, Iowa, and California who are already on the ground locally trying to make this happen, now have a new ally in this national movement. This group includes PUSH Buffalo and we're honored to be a part of this illustrious group of ground breaking individuals. 

Eddie Jones of PUSH Buffalo will be featured in the campaign and we are proud to be supporting him and a group from Buffalo that will travel to New York City for the New York launch of this campaign. We'll share some more information and details as the campaign moves along.