12 Resolutions for the New Year

2012 will be here in a few days. As a new year rolls in it is customary in many cultures to make personal goals or resolutions for the forthcoming year. Now these resolutions are usually made with the goal of bringing in the new beginning (new year) with a better start. The hope in this belief is that bringing in a newer year with a broader, less selfish mindset will bring blessings to he or she who initiates the resolution. PUSH Buffalo being who we are and what we do, have put together this set of New Year's resolutions for 2012. This list is probably not big enough but here it goes. Hopefully we can be an inspiration to many of you out there as you have been to us this past year. 12. Advocate for more cross generational/cultural line dancing (seriously though, any activities that bring different types of neighbors together for fun, healthy community building should be encouraged) 11. Be a leader in the struggle to help make Buffalo (and the world) a better place to live (ex: encouraging more dialogue between various community stake holders) 10. Hold big banks and the wealthiest 1% accountable 9. Identify assessable and affordable health care options for community residents 8. Help to identify healthy fresh food options for neighborhood residents 7. Bring new and creative ideas to the table (Not be a part of the problem but a part of the solution to the ills that have plagued the Buffalo region for decades) 6. Continue to identify good affordable housing options for low income residents 5. Fight for National Fuel Gas to spend more of their own money and not public money for weatherization reform 4. Help bridge the gap between organizing & housing development 3. Lead by example showing the benefits of a sustainable community 2. Show that access to living wage jobs (ex: Green jobs), jobs that pay enough to support a family, not only make sense but deserve widespread community and national support 1. Be a beacon of hope for what could be a better Buffalo & Western New York