PUSH Buffalo Volunteer Opportunity

If you have been looking for a chance to volunteer with PUSH Buffalo, this is the perfect opportunity for you! Starting August 12th, every Monday and Friday from 8am to 11am volunteers will get the chance to learn more about PUSH Buffalo and get your hands a little dirty at the same time. 

Our landscaping manager, Bob Cook, is looking for a few individuals to volunteer on Monday and Friday mornings. You will get the opportunity to see PUSH's Green Development Zone, while also contributing to our beautiful neighborhood through gardening and landscaping. Lunch will be provided at the end of the volunteering event. 

What: PUSH Buffalo Volunteer Opportunity 

When: Fridays from 8am - 11am

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity then make sure to reserve a spot! 

If you are interested then please email Ahmad Nieves at ahmadnieves@pushbuffalo.org to reserve a volunteering spot.