5 Reasons to Be There Tomorrow

1. WE DID THIS! Have you been to a PUSH event in the past year? Written a letter? Liked us on Facebook? Told a friend about PUSH? Are you a member of one of the organizatons in the National Fuel Accountability Coalition? Pat yourself on the back! Give yourself a high five! YOU helped us build the power we needed to get the regulators to bring National Fuel to our table. Now get down to Lafayette Square at 2:30 tomorrow so we can celebrate this victory together! Stand up with us and say: Real people, real power! 2. As "the gap between workers and executives continues to widen," who heads the shortlist of WNY's wealthiest executives? The CEO of National Fuel, David Smith! Smith makes $7.1 million per year, which breaks down to about $3500 per hour. In short: one drafty old house could be weatherized for every hour David Smith is at work. Stand up with us and say: Enough is enough! 3. This Public Hearing is all about National Fuel's Conservation Incentive Program (CIP) that you pay for. Yes, you. Every month National Fuel customers pay into a program intended to help customers reduce their energy costs, but National Fuel uses more of its customers' money on commercials and advertising than on weatherization. Stand up with us and say: CIP don't work for me! 4. National Fuel really doesn't want you to be there. While we've been letting folks know the truth about how their conservation dollars are being spent, National Fuel has been telling our partners and allies that the energy crisis is only on the West Side (it's not) and that CIP doesn't need to change at all (it does!). Stand up with and say: National Fuel, partner with our community now! 5. Heating bills are too high. If you haven't experienced this firsthand or known someone who has, listen to Brenda, Bob, Shawn, Teresa and Jen tell their stories about the problem and our solutions. Stand up with us and say: It's time to put the people first! When we show up in big numbers, people listen! See you tomorrow! Your Friends at PUSH BE THERE TOMMORROW! JULY 6th Rally @ 2:30pm - Lafayette Square Public Hearing @ 3-6pm & 7-9pm - Downtown Library