5 Year Strategic Plan Presented at PUSH Member Meeting

This past Saturday, the PUSH Board of Directors presented our 5 year strategic plan, outlining what we want the West Side of Buffalo to look like in the near future. First, PUSH members, staff, and volunteers participated in a city-planning game organized by board member Jesse Meeder where they were challenged with designing the most efficient city possible. Members then visited 'booths' constructed by the PUSH Board to represent different aspects of the strategic plan such as fundraising, communications, vision, and housing development. During each presentation, members were asked to give feedback and suggestions on how to improve the various aspects of the 5 year plan. Each booth also had great visuals along with written information and sign-up sheets for any enterprising member or volunteer who desired to help out. We would really like to recognize the Board for all the outstanding work they did in putting the Strategic Plan together and breaking it down and making it accessible and fun.