99% Spring Non-Violent Day of Action Set for May 12th

“Mayday, mayday, mayday. Can anyone out there hear me? This is captain John Q. Public Commander of flight NYS. It appears that our systems are failing. Due to the overwhelming amounts of big gas company campaign dollars going into our fuel tanks we are losing power; our confidence in the public election process has faded. Our already depleted job supply is in danger of taking another hit, and our water supply has been hydrofracked. The weatherization in our low-income cabin is inadequate; we have lost many personnel to frostbite. We require immediate assistance and an emergency landing. We repeat, we require immediate assistance – now.” “Flight NYS, this is the command center we are here to give assistance. We will guide you through the troubleshooting process. Have you tried auxiliary power?” “Command center, it appears that no such apparatus was installed on this model. This fact has assured that these big gas companies will keep all the power while regular working people use contaminated drinking water, and low-income customers pay the highest costs to fly in the coldest cabins. We estimate that regular power will only last for the next 45 minutes.” “Flight NYS, have you considered substituting other materials for your job supply?” “Command center, these job substitutes are made of extremely substandard materials and they don’t pay a living wage. Services on the flight have been cut. At the same time, CEOs, i.e. job supply providers, have taken the only parachutes on the flight. They have seen a significant increase in pay and profits. If this process persists, we estimate that many will not survive for very long.” “Flight NYS, the closest emergency landing area is in Buffalo, NY, its coordinates are 0716. This area is located about an hour from your current location. After your power fails, you will have approximately 10 to 12 minutes before gravity directs your plane into the ground.” “Command center, this estimate doesn’t leave us with enough time.” “Captain John Q, you will have to manually guide the plane to the landing coordinates upon power failure. From this point on you are on your own. May God be with you.” On Saturday, May 12th, we are making our call to the world; our plane is in need of emergency assistance and we are going down. We must save ourselves – now. The plane was meant to malfunction mid-travel, thus ensuring our ultimate demise. The State of New York is in similar disarray. Big corporations consider political campaign donations a part of the cost of doing business in New York State. They skirt public scrutiny because of their “deep pockets.” Regular folks, folks like you and I who don’t have the cash, are left out in the cold. In many cases, this lack of extreme financial wherewithal leaves residents powerless in defending their natural resources, like water. Low-income gas customers will receive little if any help in keeping their gas bills low. In a city and state in desperate need of living wage jobs, some companies only look out for themselves. While getting fat they use and throw away loyal domestic workers like an old pack of Lifestyle magazines. As part of a statewide effort to shed light on what’s happening, PUSH Buffalo and the Coalition for Economic Justice will host a May Non-Violent Day of direct action in Buffalo. This event is part of the 99% Spring, a non-violent movement that directly confronts big corporations (i.e. the 1 percent) who refuse to work with the 99 percent on the issues we face. We’re asking everyone to meet us (very promptly) at 11 a.m. at 271 Grant Street (PUSH Buffalo headquarters) in Buffalo on Saturday, May 12th. We will have much to say and do. We hope to see you all soon!