Rep the Vote 2012


The hip hop MC Nas famously said, “Hip hop is dead.” To paraphrase him, many of us believe that “voting is dead.”

While the Caravan of Corruption recently came to town, corruption in politics is nothing new in this country, and it’s certainly not anything that’s exclusive to New York State. Every state in the union has its own cast of political carnival characters. It’s like a new teen music sensation – once the fans get tired of them, they become played out.

Living in this country, many of us have grown accustomed to living a certain type of life. You wake up in the morning to get your son or daughter ready for school.You reach in the cabinet to get some Fruit Loops for yourself, and some oatmeal for your child. After putting your child on a bus for school, you have your coffee and bagel while reading the paper, saying things like, “Ooh wow…that’s crazy…how interesting…how terrible…he’s nuts.”You head to work saying to yourself, “Only eight hours to go, baby – when I get off I’m going to grab a Bud Light.”

Living in the United States, one of the world’s most powerful, wealthiest, and blessed nations, can make some of us take things for granted. We may think that because something is, that it always was. Although you put your child on that bus for school this morning, at some point in history there was such a thing as child labor in this country. This meant that instead of going to public school, young children were working long work days as if they were adults. Somebody back then voted to change that!

You only have to work eight hours today, unless you agree to do some overtime. No one can force you to work all day in order to keep your job. This wasn’t always the case, but somebody back then voted to change that. Bud Light wasn’t always legal in this country; we have a sordid past called “Prohibition” and somebody back then voted to change that.


For the last two and a half centuries, successive generations of Americans voted in some way or another to create the type of life we have here today. On a worldwide scale, the presidential election of the United States ranks as the Super Bowl of elections; the whole world is literally watching.Whether you’re rooting for team Romney or team Obama, what our future looks like depends on which way we vote on Tuesday.


Power equals one man/woman, to one vote. Whether you want to rock the vote, rap the vote, rockabilly the vote, or conserve the vote, just go out and vote!


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