Keasha Draft was the wife of former Buffalo Bills outside line backer Chris Draft (2009, 2010). She died of cancer at the end of December 2011. This came one month after she married the man who she was dearly in love with. The two tied the knot in the Atlanta, GA area. Many may be wondering why this website may be speaking on this situation. I'll tell you why. In a time that some might say is the age of the pampered athlete Chris was a link between organizing and professional sports, the Cuban link between community and the fast paced world of the National Football League. Through his Chris Draft Family Foundation, PUSH Buffalo was able to see first hand that the man genuinely cared more than just about himself. Members of our organization worked with him during his time in Buffalo, as his foundation assisted many worthwhile community causes/organizations including the Buffalo Public Schools. This writer personally witnessed this aspect of the man's personality. When news of this happening was first messaged to us many who knew or met him were quite saddened and shocked. Chris our hearts and minds go out to you and your family during this difficult time.