Annual Meeting a Circus and a Success!

This past Saturday over 150 community residents attended PUSH's 2010 Annual Meeting! There was a 'circus twist' as PUSH leaders, staff, and board members were stationed at different "carnival booths" which represented different facets of the organization. Each booth had a carnival game such as "Tug-o-War with the National Fuel Bandit" that empasized the important qualities of each part of PUSH whether collective action or community development. We saw a lot of new faces which made us incredibly happy. As PUSH continues to grow, it becomes more important than ever that we are made of the community we are in and we saw some steps in that direction on Saturday. We also elected two brand new board members! Congratulations to Terry Richards Suzanne Montalalou. The board is so happy to have you! Thank you so much for coming out and we hope to see you soon.