Annual Meeting Eats Sandwich of Power!

This past weekend over 70 community members turned out to PUSH's annual meeting to elect a new slate of board members and to catch up on some of the details as to how PUSH works and what the organizing team has been up to. We also introduced the "Sandwich of Power." Dreamed up by an over-caffeinated yet highly creative Eric Walker, the sandwich is a metaphorical representation of PUSH's myriad of obligations ranging from the national level to the internal. We used the sandwich to talk about how all of our works fits together, even if the connections may not be apparent on the surface; just like a delicious sandwich! We also talked about our successful Green Jobs, Green Housing Campaign Action on Thursday, several trips to D.C. made by members and staff and also our strategic plan. Big thanks to the PUSH board for all of their hard work in getting ready for the meeting as well as everyone who volunteered. We'll see you again soon!