Anti-Freeze Rally

This past Thursday, 12/17/09, PUSH Buffalo and 70 community residents gathered in Lafayette Square to demonstrate against the high cost of heating bills and to call on National Fuel Inc. to invest in our neighborhoods to the tune of weatherizing 1,000 units in 2010! We had a lot of fun at the rally even though it was very, very cold. We sang our very owned utility-themed Christmas Carols such as the now-classic, "Heating Bells" and were even visited by a cousing of St. Nicholas, St. Brokemas who helped lead the singing. Unfortunately the 'National Fuel Bandit' made an apperance and we had to beat back the bill attack with a little people power. Check out the Buffalo News article on the rally. Two PUSH leaders, Anaida Cruz and Maxine Muphy, gave moving testimony as to how the high cost of heat extends beyond the bills and affects your life in a myriad of ways. PUSH leader Ron Andrews read a letter that we delivered to the National Fuel Main Office calling for a meeting with CEO David Smith in 30 days. We look forward to hearing from him! PUSH would like to thank everyone who braved the cold to come out and let National Fuel know that for us, going green isn't just a lifestyle, it's about survival!