Apply for our new Community Organizing Training Program

People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH Buffalo) is a community organization which works to rebuild the West Side of Buffalo. The mission of PUSH is to mobilize residents to create strong neighborhoods with quality affordable housing, to expand local hiring opportunities and advance economic justice in Buffalo through community control of resources and sustainable neighborhood building. Our current effort, PUSH's Green Jobs and Housing Campaign, has been ongoing for 2 years. For us, that's connecting people to development where they live to solve the big-ticket challenges in the neighborhood: passing Green Jobs, Green NY state legislation to weatherize 1 million units with local hiring requirements; working with with the Federal Reserve to create local green jobs by reforming the Community Reinvestment Act; securing $100,000 from the City of Buffalo towards a park revitalization effort in our neighborhood; and campaigning to reform National Fuel's conservation program. PUSH is seeking individuals interested in participating in a paid Organizer Training Program to help us build power on Buffalo's West Side. Trainees learn the craft of organizing through taking on real responsibilities to help advance an actual campaign. Trainees will be integrated into PUSH's Green Jobs and Housing Campaigns and will focus their outreach efforts on the West Side of Buffalo. Trainees will be trained and mentored by a combination of PUSH staff and directly supervised by the Campaign Leads. The program will include on-the-job training and field practice in the following basics of community organizing (and more!): *Recruitment: Bringing new people into the organization through doorknocking, making phone calls, house meetings *Mobilization: Conducting one-on-one meetings to identify people's self-interest and why they might get involved; moving individuals met to participate in meetings, trainings, actions, etc. *Leadership Development: Building the skills of active membership to understand, develop, and carry out campaigns, as well as mobilize others, through campaign activity, self-analysis, 1-1 development, and trainings. *Campaign Development: Facilitating issue identification, target identification, power analysis, and research to develop a winnable campaign with leadership. *Campaign Strategy and Action: Facilitating the development of demands and figuring out the best ways to move power figures to make changes with leadership; planning and carrying out a series of actions and activities to accomplish your goals. *Coalition and Stakeholder Work: Working with ally organizations to move forward campaign goals and demands. The program is one year long. Trainees will learn by doing; they will be instructed in the basics at the office, sent to the field to practice daily, and return to reflect on their experiences. The typical PUSH organizer schedule is 12pm to 8pm, Monday through Friday, but may start earlier, end later, or include weekend work when necessary. Qualifications -Ability to work independently, yet take direction, according to goals of the organization. -Interest in building community power & fostering the leadership of others. -Comfort in talking to strangers and engaging them in dialogue about community issues. -Eager to learn new things and apply them immediately. -Commitment to self-reflection and evaluation with staff, in order to develop new skills and strengthen existing skills. -Excellent communication skills, including public speaking, active listening and writing -Strong commitment to PUSH's mission, values, and understanding of power, particularly economic and racial justice for low-income people in Buffalo. -Spanish or other language skills are strongly desired, but not required. To apply, please email, fax or drop off a resume and cover letter (including a statement of why you are interested in the program and why you believe you are a good candidate for it) to: PUSH 271 Grant St. Buffalo, NY 14213 email: fax: 716-884-0358 The deadline for submitting applications is October 15th, 2010. PUSH is an equal opportunity employer. People of color and women are strongly encouraged to apply. For more information please check out our web page at