Maxine Murphy - Board Chair
Community Leader and VOICE-Buffalo Volunteer

Maxine has served on the Board of Directors since 2006. She represents the community where she lives because the community is under-represented throughout Buffalo. She believes that if you want change, you have to start at the grassroots; PUSH is the voice for this grassroots change. Her vision for our neighborhood is that we have our own safety group, there are fewer abandoned houses, intercultural youth groups understand that we’re all in this together and the neighborhood works towards getting along because we all live here together.  In ten years, she hopes to see that PUSH is not only on the West Side but also in ALL of Buffalo’s neighborhoods.  When we see we’re ALL in this together, we will build sustainable neighborhoods, sustainable housing and have an active voice in our government and the business community.  To achieve this vision, PUSH needs to continue to train and develop leaders who can make this happen!  Maxine brings years of experience working in not-for-profit organizations and serving on Boards of Directors. She is also an active leader in the District Parent Coordinating Council, working to improve Buffalo schools.


John Buckley
Community Leader

John has been a member of the PUSH Board of Directors since 2009.  He is a lifelong resident of Western New York. He loves Buffalo’s West Side and has lived here for the last five years.  Over the years, John has worked as a high school teacher, drug education prevention counselor and group home manager. John currently runs a small counseling and life coaching business called Empowerment and Self Esteem. He was a founding member of Friends of the Ancient Forest, fighting to preserve Zoar Valley from loggers, as well as Director of Operations for a local, democratic, chapter. John is excited about the approach PUSH is taking to provide better housing for his fellow community residents and looks forward to working with our organization well into the future.


Felicita Cintron
Community Leader

Felicita has been a PUSH member since 2012 and has been on the board since 2013. She is interested in joining the Board of Directors so she can get to know the Board members and understand who she is working with as a PUSH member. Felicita has seen a lot of progress and wants to see how she can help more people. Her favorite thing about PUSH is that it is a group interested in the community. Felicita has been on many other Boards and held many officer positions on these boards.  She hopes to bring these skills and experience to the serve on PUSH’s Board.

Anaida Cruz
Community Leader

Annie has been a member of the PUSH Board of Directors since 2006.  She grew up on a farm in Puerto Rico and came to the U.S. with her mother and siblings as a teenager. She has lived on Buffalo’s West Side for more than 40 years. When PUSH came to her door, she was feeling desperate and hopeless.   She became a leader on the National Fuel Gas campaign and her hope for change grew.  She wants to remain on the Board to make sure PUSH shares this hope with others.  She also feels she represents a part of the West Side which is often not represented.  She likes to be part of PUSH’s programs, and thinks more people need to know that PUSH is working for them.  If elected, she is interested in working on more cooperation and better communication to make sure that people stay together rather than going in different directions.


Mohammed Mere

Mohammed has been a West Side resident for more than 10 years. He works as a not-for-profit hospital administrator and holds a Master's Degree in Applied Economics from the University at Buffalo.


Terry Richard
Community Leader

Terry has been a resident of the West Side since 2004 and a member of PUSH for 8 years. She moved to Buffalo with her husband and two of her children from New York City. She and her husband are the owners/operators of KT Maintenance Management Group, a property management and construction company. Terry has served on the Board of Directors for 2 terms.


Saint Rodriguez
Community Leader 

Saint has been a PUSH member since PUSH’s early days.  Most recently, Saint has been actively involved in the Community Development Committee. Saint is interested in joining the Board of Directors because he has been involved with PUSH a long time and wants to grow in his role and be able to contribute to the greater good of the organization.  Saint’s vision for the neighborhood is for improvements in all aspects of the neighborhood with PUSH part of those improvements. He will bring his life and experiences including a great deal of street smarts to the Board.


Kristin Rose

Kristin has been a member of the PUSH Board of Directors since 2009. She said that serving on the PUSH Board has been one of the most rewarding volunteer positions she’s ever had.  She wants to remain on the Board to continue to be involved in supporting the mission, staff and the progress in our neighborhood. Kristin has lived on the West Side for almost 20 years and has seen the neighborhood’s transition. She wants to see the diversity of culture, class and services continue to grow. Kristin’s vision for the West Side is a safe, affordable and vibrant neighborhood with the people shouting “we know what we need where we live!”. Kristin’s experiences at PUSH over the years highlight what she brings to the Board. She started as construction manager for PUSH and moved into overseeing PUSH construction projects and preparing PUSH for our first financial audit. She wants to continue to help in PUSH’s future growth.

Ramone Alexander
Community Leader

Since 2010 Ramone Alexander has served as project director of University at Buffalo's (UB) Liberty Partnerships Program, a statewide initiative aimed to decrease the drop rate of high school students in New York State. Allowing students the freedom to discover their passion, self worth and gifts to share with others is the common thread, which drives the work. A graduate of Columbia University and the University at Buffalo School of Medicine, in his current role Ramone has been able to channel his passion for equity in education, closing opportunity gaps and serving underrepresented youth. Ramone lives in Buffalo with his 15-year-old daughter, Asia. At home Asia is usually acting as judge and sampler of Ramone’s amateur culinary creations. A self-professed “foodie”, Ramone hopes to one day pursue formal training and attend culinary school.


Marshall Bertram

Marshall has lived on the west side since 2010 and is an attorney with the WNY Council on Occupational Safety and Health. The organization focuses on protecting low-wage and temporary workers' rights, especially around health and safety on the job. He have has been involved with PUSH since 2011, when he worked in collaboration with Public Accountability Initiative to research unfair fee structures in National Fuel's billing practices. Marshall also hosts a Free Legal Advice Clinic on the west side with PUSH. He also brews his own beer, works on an urban farm, and is part owner of a Buffalo composting company.

Carl Nightingale

Carl Nightingale teaches at UB about cities and how to make them fairer and more just for all those who live in them. He has volunteered for PUSH since the early years, running a film series and working on the Green Development Zone web site, as well as on fundraising. As a board member, he would like to continue to connect PUSH with the resources of UB as a way to help with organizing and neighborhood development.