CEJ Brings UE Chicago Workers to Buffalo!

This past Thursday, the Coalition for Economic Justice, our local Jobs with Justice affiliate brought Ron Bender, a UE worker, and Abe Mwaura, a UE staffer who were involved in the UE occupation-strike at Chicago's Republic Windows to speak about their experiences during the occupation. The event was a huge success as many people crowded into Lafayette Presbyterian Church to hear their story and participate in a discussion. PUSH was excited to be there and witness the power of regular hardworking people coming together. Real People, Real Power! Below is a brief outline of what occurred in Chicago at the height of the holiday season. (Photo Credit: Huff Post) From UE "In December 2008, 260 UE workers at Chicago's Republic Windows occupied their plant for six days, a sit-in strike launched in response to the closing of their plant with only 3 days notice. Jobs with Justice coalitions along with other community, faith and labor activists from across the country mobilized in support of these workers, helping them win a settlement from bailout beneficiary Bank of America and Republic owners including severance pay and compensation for unpaid earnings. Continued action of these unionized workers led to a plan to reopen the plant with new ownership, California-based Serious Windows. As the economic crisis deepens, millions of people face jobs loss and foreclosures. Jobs with Justice and other groups are celebrating the successful resistance at Republic and launching the broader campaign for an economic recovery that puts Main Street before Wall Street, restores workers’ right to organize, ensures health care for all, creates good green jobs and holds bailed out banks accountable to the people."