Citizens' Citation!

Please Note: Thanks to David Torke of for the photo. 3/06/08- PUSH members gathered at the corner of Normal and Massachusetts Avenue on the West Side at 1p.m. to issue the City of Buffalo housing tickets to hold it accountable for the thousands of abandoned properties it owns city-wide. Calling for adoption of PUSH's Housing Platform, which calls for specific achievable goals of the rehabilitation and demolition of city properties each year, as well as for that work to go to local people in the neighborhood, PUSH members posted giant tickets, orange for houses to be demolished, green for rehabs, on city-owned properties within a mile radius of the Normal and Massachusetts corner. The tickets charge Buffalo and Mayor Byron Brown with neglecting neighborhoods and failing to tackle the problem of abandoned housing in any meaningful way. Several PUSH members gave testimonials at the action to highlight the very real consequences of the city's inaction on its abandoned properties. PUSH will continue to post tickets on city-owned abandoned houses as a means of letting the people of the West Side know who to hold accountable.