Community Challenge to National Fuel CEO David Smith: We'll Be At The Public Hearing on July 6, Will

Next Wednesday, July 6th, hundreds of community residents, organizations and elected officials will participate in a Public Hearing convened and facilitated by the Public Service Commission to evaluate National Fuel�s Conservation Incentive Program (CIP). The goal is to hear recommendations for improving CIP. The National Fuel Accountability Coalition (NFAC) issued a challenge today in a video to National Fuel CEO David Smith: Will you be there too? The Public Hearing is a result of a year of pressure from the NFAC on National Fuel�s misuse of CIP fund. NFAC has been particularly critical of millions in CIP money that�s been spent on National Fuel advertising campaign and an inadequate focus on best practices in energy efficiency. In the past year, National Fuel ran 2,053 commercials with CIP funds. While Western New Yorkers are making tough choices to keep their gas on, National Fuel executives are the highest paid in the region. CEO David Smith made $7.1million last year. That�s $3,500 an hour, enough to weatherize a typical house in our community. �In a community where heating costs are among the highest in the nation it�s outrageous for National Fuel�s four top executives to have made over 15 million last year. Furthermore, National Fuel spending millions of our public conservation money on commercials, while thousands of people are making tough choices to stay warm in the winter unacceptable.� said Pastor M Bruce McKay of VOICE�Buffalo, a founding organization in the National Fuel Accountability Coalition. �Many people from my congregation will be at the Public Hearing next week proposing bold solutions to this crisis. As the leader of Western New York�s most powerful corporate citizens, I hope David Smith will be there too.�