Conference Makes Case for Metro Rail Expansion


If you are interested in light rail expansion, neighborhood revitalization, Transit Oriented Development (TOD), or moving our region forward - come join in the discussion.

There is still time to sign up for the Light Rail Conference on Sept 14th. Registration ends on Sept 7th for those who wish to sign up for a lunch. After Sept 7th, you can still sign up - and walk ins are welcomed but lunch will not be provided. 

We have speakers from outside WNY talking about their transit experience beyond just moving people from place to place.

We have speakers who will highlight the reasons expansion of the light rail line make sense for Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs. What unique conditions allow for a much cheaper capital outlay than has been seen in other cities. 

We have local developers that will speak to what the extension of light rail can do for the area and how it can kick start economic development and neighborhood place making.

There will be opportunity to submit questions to panelists regarding the economic, social, environmental benefits that light rail can bring to the area. 

For those who sign up - there will be a bus tour of the downtown bs that is slated as a possible rail stop for the First Niagara Center and possible shopping "mall", as well as a tour of the Central Terminal and along to way to the airport - short stopping points to highlight the route all the way to the airport. Seating is limited - so you need to sign up.

by Carl Skompinski, CRTC Board Member