Confront Corporate Power

So corporate power, what does that mean? Let's take a look around us. At a cursory glance corporate power might come off as one of those sayings that seems cliche, quite vast or vague. But looking at the life of the everyday average person (this means me and you), corporate power acts as if it were a living breathing entity. Corporate power is constantly trying to tell us what to do. On top of that it goes about it like a bully. You're driving to work and listening to the radio wondering why there's nothing good to listen to, and why they play the same 5 songs all day. You get to work and are told that you must work in dangerous conditions without the provisions of the extra safety equipment that the workers requested. You are told that it was a corporate decision, and if you don't like it to find employment elsewhere. Driving back home and going past the Walmart that opened in your neighborhood, it looks nice, but you notice that there are many empty storefronts around the corner. Once you get back home (looking into your mailbox), you've received a letter telling you that your home is being taken, not for back taxes, but for an unpaid water bill. You say to yourself "how did this happen?" You've also received your new gas bill. You shake your head and say to yourself "This is ridiculous, are there any other companies that I can sign up with? I can't even think about weatherization, I rent". Corporate power corrupts, but absolute corporate power corrupts absolutely. It is a deadly parasite. It knows that you're important (to it). Without you (the consumer, or the worker) it simply could not exist, but the hunger, and a never satisfied, unquenchable thirst for control consumes it. It will feed on you until you are no more, and then move on to the next host. Its philosophy is the more it controls, the better. If it can control as much of your existence as it can, then the chances for its survival will be greater. This is how corporate power has operated and continues to operate (if left unchecked). It does not like when attention is being paid by the public to its actions, this means less control over your existence. So great care is always taken by it to keep locked away all its darkest intentions and doings. So the best way to repel corporate power is to face it head on, to confront it. This includes pressuring and exposing big parasitic companies responsible for bulling everyday people. The movement of the 99% has provided inspiration to a newly formed group called Confront Corporate Power. This is a coalition made up of national community groups (including PUSH Buffalo) to get the nation back to taking care of its people and not big corporations. Activities planned (this Spring 2012) include the flooding of shareholder meetings, facilitating situations where thousands of people are face-to-face with corporate decision makers, and making the imbalance of corporate power one of the top election issues. This from the Confront Corporate Power: "We have the rare opportunity to create a powerful shift in our country. By coming together now across issue, class, race, gender, and geography we can mobilize hundreds of thousands to confront abusive corporate power, build a vision for a new economy, and reclaim our democracy in 2012 and beyond." We are calling on the 99% all over America to join together to repel the deadly parasite that is called corporate power. The only way this can be done is with large numbers and constant pressure. The first thing that you can do to become involved (and stay in the loop) is to pledge here to be a part of "share holder spring". "Together, we can build a movement powerful enough to create a true democracy and a new economy that puts people first. It�s a �go big or go home� moment. And we say let�s go big together. There is a critical role for each and every one of you to play in this movement to take our country back, whether you are at home, in the streets or in the boardroom. You are invited. You are needed. Join us!"- Confront Corporate Power