David Smith: Meet with the Community!

After an exciting weekend in Washington, PUSH came home to Buffalo and kept the momentum going! National Fuel Accountability Coalition partners mobilized over 150 folks who are fed up with high heating bills to the People's National Fuel Stakeholder Meeting on March 10th. While CEO David Smith and the shareholders were down in Florida figuring out how to make more money off of our high bills, the National Fuel Accountability Coalition passed the following resolutions for making National Fuel a responsible community partner: Community Participation We resolve that National Fuel CEO David Smith meet with the National Fuel Accountability Coalition to discuss community solutions to the energy crisis. Investing in Weatherization We resolve that the Conservation Incentive Program (CIP) is reformed so that it prioritizes long-term solutions to the energy crisis for low-income and working people. We further resolve that National Fuel match the customer contribution to the conservation incentive program with company money. We further resolve to that National Fuel executives participate in all public hearings regarding the effectiveness of the conservation incentive program. Executive Compensation We resolve that CEO David Smith is over paid and from this point forward he will no longer be compensated at $7.1 million a year, rather his salary will not exceed twenty times the lowest paid employee. Green Jobs We resolve that National Fuel invest in green jobs and training programs that put low income customers to work weatherizing homes. We further resolve that weatherization work created by National Fuel will use high road job standards and contract with minority and women owned business enterprises. Environmental Stewardship We resolve to stop hydrofracking, and rebuild communities that have been harmed. We further resolve that National Fuel stop investing in dirty, dangerous and wasteful hydraulic fracturing and instead invest in energy conservation and efficiency, the cheapest cleanest solution to our energy crisis. After an exciting People's Stakeholder Meeting, we marched over to National Fuel's downtown office to deliver our resolutions and continue our call for CEO David Smith to meet with the NFG Accountability Coalition. Check out the Buffalo News coverage here!