Dress Appropriately, The Weather is Changing


Conspiracy theorists will say it's because of the HAARP Project that the weather is drastically changing, more pragmatic people will say it's because of Global Warming. Less sensitive folks might not have an opinion at all. Whatever the case may be, there seems to be a consensus among many thinking people that when it comes our weather patterns, something just isn't right.

It's raining and flooding more in places, it's snowing in places that historically haven't been known for having snowy weather, some places are having surprise October ice storms, it's getting hotter in many places, the sea level is rising, the ground is sinking in some places, and anyone of these volcanoes could go off at any moment. The weather seems to be changing all over the planet for some reason.

Maybe Climate Change will be one of those things that it might take The Day After Tomorrow for mankind to figure out. Many of us can probably agree that the climate patterns of the world are indeed changing.

As many of you who follow us know, PUSH Buffalo has been on the front lines of fighting for Energy Democracy, the idea that people at the neighborhood level need to take more control over not only the decision of where their energy should come from, but the energy producing and distribution process. After all, energy is life, we cannot live without it, and from the way things have been going we need to take the reigns from the big, private energy and utility companies and get the wagon back on track.

From our point of view there is no doubt that Climate Change/Climate Justice is a part of the struggle for true Energy Democracy. That's why we're showing  the documentary movie adaptation of award winning author/creator Naomi Klein's book This Changes Everything in Buffalo NY today, Wednesday November 11th at ‪The Grant St Neighborhood Center (271 Grant St), and tomorrow Thursday November 12th at the downtown library auditorium (1 Lafayette Square).

"This Changes Everything, the film presents seven powerful portraits of communities on the front lines, from Montana’s Powder River Basin to the Alberta Tar Sands, from the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond", says the movie's website.

Join us in Buffalo for this very important occasion. If you can't make it out this week to connect with us and the local Energy Democracy movement, but you would still like to be involved, please contact PUSH Buffalo organizer Meghan at 716-884-0356 or email meghan@pushbuffalo.org