Don’t let New York leave our most vulnerable communities — low-income communities and communities of color — in the dark. Sign a postcard to demand a more equitable renewable energy system in New York state.

From the New York State Energy Democracy Alliance:

"Help us make sure that New York’s public clean energy dollars are going to those who need them the most. Join the Energy Democracy Alliance in calling on NYSERDA to develop a mapping tool that determine which communities in New York are most in need of clean energy programs (energy efficiency retrofits, renewable energy projects, green jobs, etc). Together we can make sure all New Yorkers benefit from the development of clean energy.

Complete the form at this link and we will fill out a postcard for you and send it to NYSERDA on your behalf.

Postcard text:

Dear Mr. Rhodes:

As New York tackles the challenge of catastrophic climate change, we must build economic opportunity and access to the clean energy economy for all New Yorkers. As a matter of justice and fairness, New York’s publicly funded energy programs must invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that provide economic, environmental, and health improvements in New York’s most vulnerable communities. Everyone pays into the Clean Energy Fund, so everyone must be able to benefit from it. I call on NYSERDA to create a Race and Economic Equity Metric and Asset Mapping tool to measure progress of investment in New York’s most environmentally, economically, and socially marginalized communities. I further call on NYSERDA to ensure that 40% of funds are directed to low-income communities and communities of color so they get their fair share of Clean Energy Fund dollars."

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