Fight For $15 NYS Wage Board Event

The next part in the Buffalo NY area’s #FightFor15 campaign continues tomorrow, Wednesday May 20th outside the NYS Wage Board meeting in Buffalo.

From the Coalition for Economic Justice, who’s leading the battle here: 

"Fast food workers in NYS have the ability to get a raise, how much it is depends on you!

On Wednesday May 20th 9:30 am at 290 Main St. in Buffalo, NY (corner of Main and Swan) we will have a press conference and rally to support fast food workers who are struggling to make ends meet. We need you there!

The Governor put together a wage board to determine what the appropriate wage should be for fast food workers statewide. The first meeting of this 3 person wage board is going to be tomorrow May 20th, and we are asking everyone to come out and support a $15 an hour wage for workers. This wage will allow workers to get off of SNAP (food stamps) HEAP Medicaid and other government programs, and most importantly give working folks dignity on the job.

Please also hold June 5th in your calendar from 10-2 as that is when the next wage board hearing will be in Buffalo, we don't yet have a location but I will let you know as soon as we do. If you would like to give oral or written testimony at that hearing please call 716.892.5877, or email

Will you come out and support workers on Wednesday as they struggle for better wages and rights on the job?"