Fight For A Fair Economy

On the morning of Saturday February 18, 2012, members of some local groups (groups that represent regular working folks), gathered together to figure out how to fight for a fair economy. Members of PUSH Buffalo, Citizen Action, the Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ), SEIU 1199, CSEA local 815, Niagara Organizing Alliance for Hope (NOAH), and others participated in a confronting corporate power training. Participants at this training learned and shared strategies for; confronting big parasitic corporations, educating the public on corporate abuse of power, and ways of tackling the political influence these parasitic corporations may have. The existence of corporate tax loop holes was sited as a way for big corporations to escape paying their fair share (in many cases getting tax breaks in the multi-millions of dollars), while many needed services (transportation, schools, healthcare) that regular folks need, get cut.