Fix The City - Be Careful Who You Rent From


“Be Careful Who You Rent From”

By Aminah Johnson

Based on my experience when it comes to rental properties, before you decide to rent an apartment, make sure you know how to reach your landlord. Many times a rental manager will show you an apartment and may lead you to believe they are the owner.

Unfortunately, some  tenants will find out after they  move in that the the manager is not the Landlord. Now the fun starts!!!! When you request any repairs to be done, they are ignored and you are stuck living in an absolute dump. It might have looked fine  when you moved in. Unfortunately, after you  have been living there for a month or so, you find out  that band-aid  work  can do wonders when it comes to covering up real problems.

When you ask who the owner is, the manager may tell you one of many things such as "it is confidential", "the landlord lives in another country", or "you need not worry who the owner is", if there is a problem you can call me. 

Some managers have been known to threaten people if they take a stand for themselves.

All of this has to stop. Housing Court is becoming more and more aware of the struggle tenants go through and is setting up ways to help tenants fight this treacherous epidemic that needs to be exposed. No one deserves to live in a cosmetic cover up, but unfortunately that happens way too many times in Buffalo.

If you have any problems with your  landlord or your apartment manager contact me at PUSH Buffalo, (716 ) 884-0356.