Free Weatherization Kickoff


We've recently had a victory. Funding is available RIGHT NOW, (that's right I said it....RIGHT NOW!!!!) to weatherize over 80 houses on Buffalo's West Side.

Check us out this Monday, December 3rd from 1pm - 3pm at the first job site (the 1st house to be weatherized) located at the corner of Massachusetts Ave, and Winter St. We'll be gathered in the heart of the "Green Development Zone", at the home of Mark, and Tammy Blouin.

When the insulation starts to fly warm up with some coffee, and cocoa. You'll be able to talk with the PUSH Buffalo/PUSH Green weatherization team to see if you qualify for this free program.

Together we can weatherize the West Side, because we know that going green isn't just a lifestyle, it's about survival!


What: FREE Weatherization Kickoff

When: Monday December 3rd, 2012

Where: Corner of Massachusetts Ave & Winter St in Buffalo NY