Hard working families and dedicated public investment in housing, roads, parks, schools, and nursing homes made our community great. However, corporations, big banks, and greedy CEO's have rigged our public system so it only benefits the wealthiest 1%, leaving the rest of us out in the cold. Enough is enough! The 99% is fired up. We are taking back our democracy and investing in our communities. We are throwing a concert, rally and march! Come on over, watch great local performers, warm up with coffee and help build power for change! Concert starts at 10am March steps off at 12:15pm and ends at Occupy Buffalo! "If we don't have enough money to fund HEAP, its outrageous that millionaires, like National Fuel CEO David Smith, are being given a $5 billion tax cut!" HEY YOU MILLIONAIRES, PAY YOUR FARE SHARE! COME PARTY, RALLY, and MARCH with us! WHAT: Fuel The 99%, The Great Disconnect WHEN: Wednesday November 16th 2011 WHERE: Main & Mohawk Streets (Downtown Buffalo NY) Concert: 10am Rally & March: Noon