Good Neighbors Park!

On Friday, November 13th, PUSH gathered with over 100 community residents, friends, and volunteers to celebrate the dedication of Good Neighbors Park, at the corner of 15th and Utica, to the people of the neighborhood in honor of their tremendous spirit and vitality. The Park was completed with the tireless effort of over 100 volunteers from the neighborhood and was part of the Extreme Makeover week projects. PUSH Board Chair Jen Mecozzi spoke on the importance of coming together and knowing that we have a good neighborhood despite what anyone else might say while a PUSH member who volunteered his time on rehabbing the park all day every day during the week, Chevy Felipe Garcia, noted that this was only the beginning and that if we keep it up, our potential is limitless. There was fresh-pressed apple cider, music, food from Ms. Augustine Gilchrist and Niagara Cafe and everyone get a chance to see the freshly completed park. PUSH would like to thank everyone who made the park possible, especially all of the volunteers and WNY Americorps. Photos by Whitney Crispell