Great Lakes Summit 1 Week Away!

The Great Lakes Metros and the New Opportunity Summit is just one week away. The Summit is for practitioners–including community leaders, representatives of foundations and NGOs, local officials, urban advocates, agency heads and their deputies–in Great Lakes urban communities who seek to use the stimulus bill and future federal support to promote sustainable and equitable cities. PUSH is especially excited, in lieu of our Green Jobs, Green Housing Campaign that the director of Sustainable South Bronx, Miquela Crayor will be speaking at the summit. Sustainable South Bronx is an incredibly innovative organization in the field of green job creating and environmental hazard abatement. PUSH is also happy to see reps from the Save the American Dream Campaign, the Cleveland East Side Organizing Project, the Mahoning Valley Organizing Collaborative, the the Partnership for the Public Good and the Coalition for Economic Justice on the slate as well. Please see the summit blog at for registration and agenda information. From Sarah @ GLUE Here's what we hope to achieve at Buffalo State College on June 18th and 19th: Maximizing the Community Impact of the Stimulus in Great Lakes Cities: The summit will feature state and Federal officials who administer stimulus funds as well as community-based leaders doing cutting-edge work in green infrastructure, community revitalization and economic development. The summit will provide an ideal space for dialogue between stimulus funding agencies and community organizations looking to ensure that the money builds on the region's assets and promotes sustainable economic growth. Advancing Innovative Policy Approaches to Problems Facing All Great Lakes Cities Summit participants like former Rochester Mayor William Johnson and former Indianapolis Mayor William Hudnut will provide real-world insight on implementing policy objectives like regional planning and metro governance. Miquela Craytor, Executive Director of Sustainable South Bronx, will talk about the possibilities of creating green jobs that are pathways out of poverty. And advocates from organizations around the region, like the Center on Wisconsin Strategy, Coalition for Economic Justice, Neighborhood Progress, Inc., and Center for Working Families will share their innovate grassroots work, which must better inform policy development. Building an Organized Constituency for Great Lakes Resurgence The Great Lakes Urban Exchange (GLUE) and the Northeast-Midwest Institute, co-conveners of the Summit along with Buffalo State College and the Partnership for the Public Good, are building a movement of social entrepreneurs, community leaders and public officials for a Renaissance in Great Lakes metro regions. Our cities face unique challenges--vacant housing, sprawl without growth, manufacturing decline--which require targeted and strategic policy responses. Our unrivaled assets, including renewable energy resources, a concentration of research universities, historic architecture, and the Great Lakes themselves, demand development strategies that promote sustainable and equitable economic growth. The Summit will help to build our movement for change. Articulating a Vision For too long, the cities of the Great Lakes region have been behind the curve on accessing necessary support from their states and the Federal government. To reverse that trend, those striving daily to make these cities healthy and successful must influence policy discussions. If policy makers in DC don’t hear from Cleveland, Buffalo, and Detroit, they’ll continue to make decisions that don’t help us. Having Fun in the Sun on the Shores of Lake Erie What could be better than spending two days in June in one of the nation's best-planned and architecturally rich cities with fellow leaders of the Great Lakes Metros movement? Thursday night features a dinner with keynote on Metropolitan Action from Jennifer Bradley from the Brookings Institution. After the panel sessions on Friday, we'll tour neighborhood and waterfront development efforts on Buffalo's West Side. Again, for registration and more information, see the Summit blog at We look forward to seeing you next week!