Green Development Zone (GDZ) Leadership Lab Workshops

Green Development Zone (GDZ) Leadership Lab Workshops

Tue, August 23, 20166:00 PM - 8:00 PM

(The former School 77 in Buffalo will see new life as a community asset again, and benefit 

the community by being the center of a shared solar project)

What is the GDZ? The Green Development Zone (or GDZ) is PUSH Buffalo‘s effort to grow a new community economy in a 25-square block area in the city of Buffalo NY.

The GDZ Leadership Lab is an approach, a set of tools and a strategy. We’re using popular education to build grassroots leaders. This set of workshops will work with community members to explore how our community is working towards sustainability by showing and growing our resiliency and building the resistance to extractive systems. Under this frame we will look at: affordable housing, resiliency across cultures, developing community assets, and shared solar.

Workshop Topic for Tuesday, August, 23rd @ 460 Massachusetts Ave, Buffalo NY is Developing Community Assets: 

"Developing Community Solar Asset: A Case Study"

One of the main principles of popular education is that we do not learn just to learn, but we build our individual and community knowledge to act. Action both informs and cements our knowledge as well as contributes to the collective liberation of our community. After our leaders have a clear knowledge of the framework of community assets from the previous workshop, this workshop will focus on exploring how we can tap a particular community asset - the roof of the vacant elementary school building #77 which PUSH will acquire and rehab using Low Income Housing Tax Credit funds - to deliver benefits for the community. One of the ongoing needs in our community is affordable energy bills and universal access to clean renewable energy. The community has mobilized as part of statewide efforts to get a shared solar policy passed in New York State so that individuals who do not own their homes or have bad roofs can participate in the renewable energy economy. The community organized to break down the policy barriers to take advantage of a community asset, now it is time to collectively explore the possibilities of shared solar on an asset that PUSH is redeveloping.

This workshop will use the framework of community assets to chart a pathway to developing a shared solar project. We will map out the community assets and explore different models to pursue Renewable energy is an important piece of the Green Development Zone strategy. As evident in the survey and our work with PUSH Green’s solar initiative, on the West Side there are a lot of challenges to community controlled renewable energy. We are currently in a position to pursue the possibility of a shared renewable energy project on School #77. This is an opportunity for leaders to put their knowledge and skills that they gain during the Leadership Lab to use planning a community project.

Next Set of Leadership Labs and Topics:

Shared Solar - August 30th 6pm-8pm @ 460 Mass Ave.

Resiliency Across Cultures -September 22nd 6pm-8pm @ 271 Grant St

Affordable Housing September 29th 6pm-8 pm @ 271 Grant St

For more information, please contact: 

Meghan Zaldivar
(716) 884-0356 ext. 105