Green Development Zone (GDZ) Leadership Lab Workshops

Green Development Zone (GDZ) Leadership Lab Workshops

Thu, September 22, 20166:00 PM - 8:00 PM

What is the GDZ? The Green Development Zone (or GDZ) is PUSH Buffalo‘s effort to grow a new community economy in a 25-square block area in the city of Buffalo NY.

The GDZ Leadership Lab is an approach, a set of tools and a strategy. We’re using popular education to build grassroots leaders. This set of workshops will work with community members to explore how our community is working towards sustainability by showing and growing our resiliency and building the resistance to extractive systems. Under this frame we will look at: affordable housing, resiliency across cultures, developing community assets, and shared solar.

Workshop Topic for Thursday, September, 29th @ 271 Grant St, Buffalo NY is Affordable Housing: 

"Affordable Housing"

When one talks of resiliency across cultures, there are many things to factor in. Experiences, background, culture, knowledge, organizing ability, people skills, courage, and diligence are just a few of the qualities that come to mind when this concept it brought up. When you're trying to do the work of community transformation no matter where it is, resiliency is a key ingredient needed to become successful.

An integral part of the Green Development Zone strategy is to foster a culture of sustainability that is based in community resiliency and resistance. Surfaced through the oral histories and the surveys were two important points: each different cultural group that has made the West Side its home brings with them a culture of resiliency and resistance. At times the cultural diversity on the West Side has led to tensions and lack of trust between the different cultural, racial, and ethnic groups in the neighborhood. This often causes tension on the surface as demonstrated by the written surveys as well as some pieces of the oral histories. However what we find in the oral histories is a common thread of cultural and personal resiliency of the residents of the West Side. This workshop looks to create a space where we hear each other’s stories. Using the stories as the point of discussion for the workshop we will explore how these cultures of resiliency contribute to the collective making of a sustainable community.

Next Leadership Lab and Topic:

Affordable Housing September 29th 6pm-8 pm @ 271 Grant St

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Meghan Zaldivar
(716) 884-0356 ext. 105