Green Jobs Buffalo Convening!

First and foremost, check out this awesome video made by our friends at Green For All PUSH Buffalo and Green For All joined together on Tuesday, July 13th at the Cornell ILR School to convene representatives of regulatory agencies, financial institutions, and foundations to present Green Jobs for Buffalo, a community-based urban green jobs training and job placement program. We managed to get 5 banks, a Wall St. consulting firm, elected officials, the New York Fed, the FDIC, and the OCC all in one room to listen to what we had to say! How awesome is that? Grants to the program are expected to serve as qualified CRA investments for the purposes of satisfying bi-annual bank examinations. The program's community-based genesis, its integration of best practices in urban green job creation, and the program's CRA worthiness make Green Jobs for Buffalo a unique option for promoting high-impact community reinvestment. As we always say, for us going green isn't just a lifestyle, it's about survival. �Green Jobs Buffalo aims to create pathways out of poverty for emerging sectors in the green economy,� said Grady Davis, a PUSH leader. �We know what we need where we live and part of the answer to rebuilding our neighborhoods is getting people trained and into the green collar economy.� PUSH has partnered with Green For All to turn Green Jobs Buffalo into a national model for how to translate banks' CRA responsibilities into real neighborhood development. People are Policymakers!