Green Jobs, Green Housing!

Green is the color that makes the world go round. We've heard that saying for years. Now, we have a chance to make the Green Economy work for everyone - especially for hard working across cities like Buffalo. We all know what it's like to pay to heat our homes in the Buffalo winter; it's outrageous! No one should still be paying off last winter's gas bill this year. We know we need good jobs for real people here and the not everybody should need a Phd to get one! On September 3rd, our lead organizer, Eric went out to Albany to facilitate a conversation with other groups psyched about how the fund could have a serious economic, health, and environmental impact for working class neighborhoods. The Fund could create 30,000 jobs over the next five years that won't disappear! Groups from around the state came together to talk about how to shape the Green Revolution to met OUR needs: creating jobs that pay livable wages, making the homes we live in more energy efficient so we don't pay through the nose for the high price of utilities, making the places we live in safer and healthier, and helping reduce the impact of global warming on the planet. How can we do all that? The Center for Working Families has a proposal to green New York's housing in the next 5 years. With a Residential Retrofit Fund, the goal is to make 1 million homes in the state more energy efficient and train a workforce at home to do the work. Sound a little like the PUSH Housing Platform? We've been working directly with the policy folks at the Center to write in how the fund would benefit REAL PEOPLE. There's a lot of talk about green jobs these days, but not a lot of talk about making sure there's opportunity for the folks who need them most. We work for you. We listen. PUSH hears you loud and clear and we're gonna make some noise!