Green Jobs in Action!

If you've been through our Sustainable Development Zone lately, you've probably seen a lot of folks hard at work! We are taking advantage of the last few months of beautiful weather in Buffalo to make further progress on some our land-banked properties and on our Net Zero House at 10 Winter. This work is being done by minority/women-owned businesses in the Green Jobs, Green NY contractor network PUSH been assembling over the past year. At 10 Winter, the new fiber cement siding got a beautiful paint job by Spencer Gaskin and his Outsource Center crew. CIR Electrical installed a 4.5 kw photovoltaic array on the metal roof which will supply electricity to the house and power the soon-to-be geothermal heating unit. We are getting closer and closer to completing the rehab of a once-vacant property into a beautiful home that creates as much energy as the household will consume. Along with our rehab projects, PUSH is "land-banking:" buying up abandoned properties in order to preserve and maintain them until development is feasible. Two of those properties are on Lawrence Place, the next block over from Winter. Dalex Roofing put a brand new roof up on 60 Lawrence. PUSH has donated this house to Habitat for Humanity so that a Burmese family, using sweat equity, can become first-time homeowners on the West Side. This house is one of Habitat's first rehab projects in our neighborhood and we are thrilled to be a part of it! Dalex has since moved over to 135 Chenango St. to replace the roof. On both projects Dalex has put a West Side YouthBuild grad to work and hopes to keep him on the payroll full-time. Across Lawrence from the new roof, Jabril Shareef and his C&R Housing crew demolished a house that unfortunately couldn't be salvaged due to damage sustained in a summer fire. The now vacant double lot will soon become a new entrance to our Mass Ave Park! PUSH leaders are working with the City of Buffalo to revitalize this park, sandwiched between Lawrence and Winter, and turn it from a problem into a community asset. We hope that new entrances to the park will make it safer and more accessible to residents. People know what they need where they live, so at PUSH, we're mobilizing residents to share and implement those ideas. This great construction progress demonstrates how all of the work of PUSH and our partners is interconnected--from building sustainable housing and creating green jobs to campaigning to bring more resources into Buffalo's low-income neighborhoods. And the work continues! This Thursday, October 21st at 11am, join us to break ground on facade and energy-efficiency improvements to our first Housing Co-op at 456 Massachusetts. Over the next few months, Lamparelli Construction and C&R Housing will be removing asbestos, insulating, installing a metal roof and new siding, landscaping the adjacent parking lot, and restoring the storefront facade. Thank you to the NYS Division of Housing and Community Renewal for making this project possible. Our tenants can't wait for their home to be as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside! If you happen to pass by while any of these incredible folks are hard at work, be sure to thank them! With their help, PUSH is successfully rebuilding our neighborhood.