Healthy Neighborhood Planning Meeting!

On March 18th, PUSH staff, members, and neighborhood residents gathered together at the Butler-Mitchell Boys and Girls club at 370 Massachusetts Avenue for a Healthy Neighborhood Planning Meeting. Co-facilitated by architects Kevin Connors and Charlie Gordon, the session dealt with PUSH's plans for the 11 vacant lots we recently purchased. As we did a small group breakout, there was an outpouring of ideas for various uses of the lots. Suggestions included: community gardens, tree farms, sculpture gardens, playgrounds, soccer fields, walkways, and rain gardens. In addition, we asked neighborhood residents to determine what we like about the neighborhood, what we'd like to see change, and what one aspect of the neighborhood would we like to take action on immediately. Each small group voted on the action step they most wanted to take and this information, along with preferences for usage of the vacant lots, will cycle back into the planning process to make sure neighborhood residents get what they want! PUSH firmly believes that community planning is an integral part of any kind of neighborhood development. After all, people know what they need where they live, so they are the ones best suited to decide what the land around them should be used for and what shape some action steps around that land might take. PUSH would like to thank everyone who came out to the event with a special thanks to: Amanda, Kevin, Charlie, Matt, Jesse, Sarah, Will, and the PUSH organizing team and volunteers. Great job folks! We will certainly keep everyone posted on the progress of the planning process as there will be more opportunities for community input.