Holiday Party Recap

What does a diverse a community look like? One answer to this question could be "a community that has representatives of the various countries and cultures of earth dwelling within it". Another answer to this question could depend on the point of view of the answerer. Still another answer might be a community based on a diversity of age (youngest to oldest), a diversity of occupation (teachers to store clerks), a diversity of religious beliefs, or a diversity of pleasant personalities. Well at the PUSH Buffalo annual holiday party this year, diversity in it's many forms made an unprecedented appearance this year. Held this past Thursday December 22nd at the Grant St Neighborhood Center (GSNC), this year's annual holiday party was the biggest one to date. Every year since this holiday party is was first held and every year afterwards, organizers have worked hard to make the party's appeal as broad as possible. The west side neighborhood of Buffalo where the event takes place is a beacon of diversity for the county of Erie. Since everyone does not celebrate the holiday season the same way, careful attention is paid to detail. There were hundreds of people at the holiday party this year. Among the faces that could be seen at the event were the old, the young, the store clerk, the cleaning woman, the teacher, the civil service worker, the business owner, the Muslim, the Christian, the Buddhist, the Jew, the Egyptian (and other African peoples of varying nationalities), the Iraqi, the Burmese, the Vietnamese, the Puerto Rican, and the Native/Caucasian/ and African American. There was a toy drive, and free chicken give away this year. The food presented was a sampling of dishes from just about everywhere. LaNova's pizzeria donated some sheets of Buffalo's best pizza to the party. Guests to the party participated in karaoke and a mini dance party (which was probably the best part of the evening. I have never seen such a large cross cultural line dancing to the "Cupid Shuffle" in my life, a great sight to see!) was held after dinner in their honor. A special hand of gratitude goes out to the F.A.T.H.E.R.S. group for organizing the toy drive this year (toys were presented at the party) in which the response was great, and also to LaNova's pizzeria. What does a diverse community look like? I think from a world watcher's point of view it looks a lil something like this; the neighbors of a community regardless of age, race, or creed getting together in a civilized manner to eat, drink, sing karaoke, and line dance.