In 2007, PUSH established its first rental property as a centerpiece of affordable housing and local job creation. Our first two properties, which were acquired and rehabilitated by our organization and our members, were 3-unit buildings on Massachusetts Avenue and Chenango Street. An additional single-occupancy home was completed in 2011 on 10 Winter Street.

In 2012, PUSH completed its’ first state and Federally-funded affordable housing project, adding eleven units on Massachusetts Avenue to our growing number of rental properties.

We continue to purchase and seek funding to develop properties within the Green Development Zone in order to grow affordable housing for low-income families and individuals who choose to live there.

Our community organizing work has highlighted the need not only for affordable housing but also on the problem of high utility bills for community members. As a result, we make sure that all of our rental properties have energy-efficient features to help lower renters utility bills. These features include dense-pack cellulose insulation, on-demand hot water heaters, radiant floor heating, and solar panels.

We are constantly researching and experimenting with different models of governance and participation in order to fulfill our organizational vision for “community control of resources,” especially as we seek to engage tenants and develop tenant leaders who “know what they need where they live.”

Buffalo Neighborhood Stabilization Company, or BNSC, INC


PUSH Buffalo’s housing arm, Buffalo Neighborhood Stabilization Company - BNSC - is a non-profit housing corporation dedicated to creating affordable housing units on the Massachusetts Avenue Corridor of Buffalo’s West Side. It was created in 2009 to address the growing housing needs found in the organization’s growing Green Development Zone.

BNSC’s mission is to:

  • Increase access to quality, affordable housing by substantially increasing the number of units being renovated and constructed each year
  • Enhance the neighborhood fabric by coordinating investments in infrastructure and rehabilitate vacant lots. (BNSC currently owns 50 lots, which have been developed as clean and green spaces, community gardens and rain garden demonstration projects.)
  • Prevent gentrification and displacement of residents by ensuring affordable rental and homeowner housing units
  • Increase tenant and landlord education
  • Act as a land bank to acquire vacant housing and lots and stabilize them in preparation for development 

PUSH and BNSC, use several programs and national models to develop high-quality, affordable housing on the Massachusetts Avenue Corridor.

The early model of housing development relied heavily on volunteers and consisted of PUSH training and employing local residents to complete much of the work. PUSH recognized that the number of vacant housing units was too great to rely solely on small-scale rehabilitation projects.

PUSH and BNSC have, therefore, begun a process to scale up their housing work to include larger projects - projects that will utilize a number of public and private funding sources.


Our Rental Manager, Jen Kaminsky, is available Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to noon. Should you need additional assistance outside of these hours, please feel free to e-mail Jen, at propertymgt@pushbuffalo.org, with any questions/concerns.