Hundreds of Protestors Arrested on NYC Bridge

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The battle against Wall St. and corporate hoarding went up a level recently as almost 800 protestors (out of thousands) on New York City's Brooklyn Bridge were arrested. On the evening of Saturday October 1, 2011 in NYC there was a clash of the titans. Protestors with the Occupy Wall Street movement and the NYPD met head to head on the front line of the war against corporate greed. The protestors were banded together in a show of solidarity letting the big banks, the violators of mother Earth, and corporate interests know that they would not be denied. New York City's finest on the other side banded together in a big wall of blue. The result of the clash was the closing of traffic lanes for hours on the bridge. Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing series of events in New York City (a world financial capital) aimed at bringing attention to what many believe to be the main cause of economic inequalities facing the nation and world; corporate greed. In the end almost 800 protestors were arrested for disorderly conduct or resisting arrest. Erin Larkins who emailed the Associated Press and who took part in the action on the bridge sums the situation up very nicely; "I don't think we're asking for much, just to wake up every morning not worrying whether we can pay the rent, or whether our next meal will be rice and beans again,..…..No one is expecting immediate change. I think everyone is just hopeful that people will wake up a bit and realize that the more we speak up, the more the people that do have the authority to make changes in this world listen.” nuff said.