Kris Kobach Must Resign


By National People's Action (NPA)

Kris Kobach, Kansas’ Secretary of State, is at it again encouraging dangerous racist conspiracy theories on his weekly radio show.

Demand Kris Kobach resign.

When a caller to his weekly show suggested that President Barack Obama would soon demand an end to all criminal prosecutions of African-Americans, saying “there just won’t be any prosecutions of black criminals,” Kobach agreed. “It’s already happening, more or less, in the case of civil rights laws…So I guess it’s not a huge jump,” he concluded.[1]

Kobach has been called “the most racist politician in America today” -- and it’s not hard to see why.[2,3] He’s the author of some of the worst anti-immigration legislation like Arizona’s infamous SB 1070 and one of the architects of Republican attacks on voting rights. Now, he’s making racist statements about our African-American president. Kobach spews hate by publicly advocating that immigrants and now Black people are out to get us.

Last November, National People’s Action Campaign affiliate Kansas People’s Action led a heroic effort to unseat Kobach, mobilizing thousands of Kansans to push back on his racist agenda and rhetoric. It’s pivotal that we don’t allow Kobach to continue abusing his public office, using it to advance racist narratives and policies.

Minority Leader of the Kansas State Senate, Anthony Hensley, is calling on Kris Kobach to resign. Add your name to the petition demanding that Kris Kobach resign from office immediately.

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