Leadership Retreat 2012 Recap

About two weekends ago PUSH Buffalo held a leadership retreat. And, no it wasn�t that kind of retreat. PUSH leaders weren't running from anything, it was the other way around. We were actually running full speed ahead; bravely confronting anything that stood in the way of our mission. Each year, our fearless members and community leaders come together at an undisclosed location (away from our normal digs), to figure out ways to make our organization better. So, what exactly do we do? Simply put, we help regular people become the decision makers in their own neighborhood. For the past six years, (using Buffalo�s West Side as our canvas) we�ve worked hard to show that real people, have real power. We don�t believe in painting someone else�s canvas, especially when they are fully capable of painting their own masterpiece. Instead, we help regular folks - folks like you and I - become the movers and shakers of their communities. We all know the stat: the West Side of Buffalo is a predominately low income area. But, what we seem to forget is that these same �low income� people want things in their neighborhood to actually get better. (I mean, why wouldn't they...) The problem, at times, is that they don't know how to go about doing this (and, if they do, they feel as if they are on some deserted island). The success of our organization is based solely on the fact that we know how to bring people together! (You got that, right? I did say together.) Here at PUSH we work hard, everyday, to empower people to incite change where they live. Whether we are out in the streets going door to door, or hitting you up on the phone, we get people talking about what directly affects them. Our leadership retreat helps us plan ahead. (You don't know where you are going until you know where you've been.) We take the most vocal or active community movers and shakers and put them in a room for a few hours. We look at what's been working, what isn't and what could be better. From planning the revitalization of a neighborhood park, to pondering how to make housing options more affordable; we throw it all on the table to discuss. And then, when we're done, we retreat, or as we say, get to work! Cheers to a brand new year!