Liberty Partnership Intern Talks About Her Time at PUSH Buffalo

By Deliana Figueroa My name is Deliana Figueroa and I am a participant of the Liberty Partnership Program at UB, and this summer of 2011 I interned at PUSH Buffalo. PUSH is on 271 grant St. I had interned from July 25, 2011 to August 10, 2011. My first day at PUSH was very interesting; I learned what they do and how they push for a better community. On my second day at PUSH, I had gone to a press conference about Andrew M. Cuomo, governor of New York State decision on creating more jobs. Cuomo had read a speech about how he was going to redesign the relationship between the state government and businesses to stimulate regional economic development and create jobs statewide. Cuomo’s intentions were that each Regional Council will develop a plan for the development of their region. The state will work with the Regional Councils to align state resources and policies, eliminate unnecessary barriers to growth and prosperity, and streamline the delivery of government services and programs to help the Regional Councils carry out their plans for development. Meaning we need more jobs so that people who are unemployed can be employed. Going to the press conference really was an experience for me, to come close to shaking the governor's hand and to be able to witness and say that I was there. Also to be more educated on what’s going on in the state today. I was also able to attend a public hearing at city hall where PUSH testified about what they needed for jobs and/or houses. Being able to witness the things that PUSH has done. In the Common Council Chamber, where organizations relating to PUSH had put together a speech on what they need to continue to make progress in making the community a more better environment. So that they could have homes, and/or jobs. I had observed what others wanted to do with buffalo and also what the head chair in the room kept considering. Connecting to wanting to make buffalo a better place for the working world and also for the people who are looking for the working world, I attended a training meeting where adults had trained to work in the construction field, so that we can have safer homes to live in. being in the meeting made me realize that there is always a place in the world for us to fit in. Whether it’s being in the working field or just being a voice to make the world and communities a better place to live in. And in conclusion, my last day at PUSH, I went to a leadership training meeting. “To become someone who is recognized in the world can happened, whether you are the kid down the street who can beat box or the old lady who walks around picking up trash so that her neighborhood won’t be considered as trash”. I express this quote because I attended a leadership training meeting. The people who came in had a voice and really wanted to make a change, so that we as the people could live better. The meeting was leadership house party on the national fuel campaign. I remember the first day I had learned that David F. Smith, the CEO of national fuel, earns 3,500 dollars per hour. Just hearing about how he makes so much money off of people who don’t make that much made me upset. And just to know that PUSH wants to make a difference with the people of the community, to have them come out and speak of their experience on how they were without gas. Also how they didn’t have light because they had to pay for gas, showed that as individuals we can come together and make a difference. Being at this meeting made me feel as if I could be a part of this change to better for the people. I really enjoyed working at PUSH this summer, and to witness and be a part of the events that are happening. I have learned so much about what PUSH does within the community, and how they push towards their goals so that in the end they can be successful. I want to thank Aaron, Sara, Clarke, and Eric for letting me observe the types of jobs that they do, and also the people at PUSH for making me feel welcomed.