We're all about building power here at PUSH, that's no secret. People power, neighborhood power- we want to make sure we can move decision-makers if we have to. Sometimes asking politely just does not get the job done. That's why we'd like to a give a shout-out to our friends Kevin and Matthew who have constructed an amazing website called LittleSis. LittleSis functions as "an involuntary facebook for powerful people." It documents the various manifestations of their relationships including political giving and lobbying. Here are Kevin and Matthew on why LittleSis exists: "It's easier than ever to spot the symptoms of corruption and cronyism in our political process. Ordinary Americans have never felt more shut out from all levels of government, more excluded from economic gains, and more powerless to remedy the problems facing their communities and the world. Meanwhile, the powerful networks of individuals who've enjoyed unprecedented influence, wealth, and access while steering our country towards its present crisis continue to elude responsibility in the public spotlight. We all know that the need for fundamental change is urgent. Americans everywhere are pushing back against a broken system that bankrupts and disempowers them. But to effectively push back, we have to study and document the social networks that have our democracy in a stranglehold. We have to expose the individuals and institutions that abuse their power to enrich themselves and their cronies. And we have to make common cause and share this information freely. LittleSis is an invitation for fed up citizens to do just that. " So, please, go check out LittleSis!