Mass Ave Park Park PHASE I Groundbreaking

On November 17, 2011 the community celebrated the groundbreaking of phase I of the new beginnings of Massachusetts Avenue park. This park located on the West side of buffalo (adjacent to the Butler Mitchell Boys & Girls Club) was targeted by concerned neighbors who wanted to see the park returned to its former glory. The park had become a victim of neglect over past years. Neighborhood residents along with members of PUSH created a plan which helped light the spark that would later on become the burning flames of the park's rebirth. Out of the ashes the Phoenix bird arises. On this birthday of phase I of Massachusetts Avenue park Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and Buffalo City Councilman (Niagara district) David Rivera reiterated their commitments to funding phase II of the community's plan. The Mayor called it a unique project where community residents made the plan and said he would like to do more projects like this. "One of the things that I've tried to focus on as Mayor, working with the members of the city council is quality of life. To improve quality of life we have to improve the places where families and children can gather together," said the Mayor. Phase I includes repairing side walks near the park, and the park entrance way. Between Phase I which is in progress and the Phase II commitment, PUSH leaders Terry, Suzanne, Bob, Linda, Michael, Alba and hundreds of other residents have won half a million dollars to improve our neglected community park!