May Day 2016 Skate Party in Buffalo

Crossroads Collective: MAY DAY! from Hope Mora on Vimeo.


A group of organizations called the Cross Roads Collective have come together for a special May Day 2016 skate party in Buffalo.

May Day which is May 1st, is a day celebrated across the globe in recognition of International Worker's Day. Historically, the events of the Haymarket Affair (also known as the Haymarket Massacare) is often cited as being the origin of May Day. On May 4th, 1886 in the city of Chicago, workers striking for what we know today as the legal 8 hour work day became involved in a shoot out and bombing with police which left many dead. Over the years, the date of May 1st became the generally accepted day for this commemoration. 

Here's a link to the skate party invite page.