MLK Multicultural Institute Turnaround Meeting Tonight

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Multicultural Institute is in danger of suffering the same fate as Lafayette, Bennett, and East High Schools. They're having an event this evening (Thursday December, 11th). The community, teachers, and students are coming together to form a plan to save the school.

From Eve Shippens a teacher at the school: 

"Our redesign proposal calls for the creation of the Dr. Martin Luther King Legacy School, an innovative, community school designed to address the social and academic needs of pre-k thru grade 8 students in the City of Buffalo and the community-at-large.

Our mission is to develop learners and leaders by creating and maintaining a community-based environment using an inquiry approach to teaching. By embracing the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, and critical thinking, our students will be empowered to identify community needs, seek solutions and become self-directed, confident, civic-minded citizens who are equipped to excel in high school and beyond.

Every quarter, students in grades Pre-K thru 8 will work towards completion of a culminating project that engages them in various academic and social activities that will deepen students’ knowledge, understanding, and experiences of the overarching schoolwide themes: Community Engagement and Improvement, Social Justice and Human Rights, Environmental Conservation and Advocacy, and Entrepreneurship and Self-Expression."