Creepshow 2012: The Caravan of Corruption to Visit Buffalo

Corruption is described in the Merriam-Webster online dictionary as, “to change from good to bad in morals, manners, or actions,” or, “to degrade with unsound principles or moral values.” Or, in other words, when things go from sugar to you know what.

I remember conversing with an older gentleman some months back about the four P’s – politics, policies, people, and power – and he said to me, “Boy, it don’t much matter about voting nowadays – the people with the money have all the power.” All I could do was shake my head because part of me knew he was right. I guess this is what we’ve come to when the masses of regular people just throw up their hands and say, “Forget it.”

Let’s face it, lobbying or the influencing of politicians on an issue is big business in 2012. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Empire State, as is apparent to anyone who has spent some time in Albany in any government building. I remember on my visits to the state capitol I felt like Linda Blair – my head spun around so much trying to keep up with all the well-dressed people who were obviously lobbyists.

Corporations and individuals with very deep pockets spend tons of cash on moving, or influencing a politician on issues that interest them. They use their “special interest” money to hire people or firms to make this happen. So, with the reality of armies of salaried political policy changers working Albany like hustlers work the craps tables in Vegas as a backdrop, I got where the old man was coming from. Add to this the news of some of our government leaders who’ve been blatantly caught with their hands in the cookie jar lately, I can see why regular citizens waive their right vote.

The FFE, or the “Fight for a Fair Economy”, is a national coalition comprised of community-based groups, unions, and concerned citizens. It was formed to address the sentiments of regular working people – people like the older gentleman about whom I spoke earlier.

Over the past few years, the local chapter of the FFE, which includes Citizen Action of Western New York, SEIU local 1199, Occupy Buffalo, VOICE Buffalo, NOAH, Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ), PUSH Buffalo and others, has been working to out corruption in New York State government. One of things the they’ve specifically been working on has been creating an environment for fair elections in New York State. Their latest episode comes just in time for Halloween, and be warned it could scare you to death.

“The Caravan of Corruption” rolls its creepy, spooky show into town this coming Tuesday, October 23rd, at 10:30am in Niagara Square (Downtown Buffalo). “The Caravan of Corruption is a sideshow of corrupt politicians that we’ve had in New York State in the last few years who’ve gotten caught breaking the law and stealing public funds. It’s touring the state to show everyone how bad things have been and how badly we need to change the system,” says Brian Trzeciak, education organizer of Citizen Action of Western New York.

If you like chills, ghouls, and thrills you’ll want to join us on Tuesday. This reality-scared TV, or traveling haunted house of New York corruption will only be here for a limited time only – don’t miss it!


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