Nate Buckley Fundraiser


 If you didn’t know who Nate Buckley was before, you definitely will now.

A little history:

In late 2010, while attending an anti-war demonstration downtown, a demonstration hosted by grassroots organization, United Coalitions Against War, Buckley was arrested. The group was bringing attention to the United State's involvement in several wars taking place all over the globe. The demonstrators visited several downtown sites that included City Hall, the local Federal building and M&T Bank.

Buckley, along with several others, were simply exercising their first amendment right to assemble peacefully. However, local bystanders and members of the Niagara Frontier Transit Authority (NFTA) police department did not see their “simple” act of organizing outside of the bank as peaceful. NFTA police ended up arresting Buckley and the rest of the organizers and charged them with the “act inciting a riot.”

Nate Buckley, for those of you who don’t know, is the co-proprietor of Burning Books Buffalo, a local book store located on Connecticut Street that specializes in literature and events related to social justice movements, radical environmentalism and freedom struggles. He and his father are also PUSH Buffalo members and have been huge supporters of our organization since the beginning.

We caught up with Buckley and his father to shed some light on how his case is going. In this candid interview, Buckley and his father discuss a few of their “freedom adventures” as well as what Buckley calls his “supreme right” to assemble, peacefully, in the city that he calls home.

“I feel as if my right to assemble is under attack and, for me, that’s a real problem,” stated Buckley.

Unfortunately, Nate is still being ping ponged through the Buffalo court system because of this incident. Since his arrest, friends have been raising money to help him with his high legal fees.

Nate and his friends, aka the Nate Buckley Defense Commitee, will be holding a “Pie for the People Fundraiser” tomorrow, Saturday, Sept. 8, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Sol Rise Farm and Cultural Arts Center, at 226 E. Utica St.

Hope to see everyone there!