National Fuel Coalition

The National Fuel Accountability Coalition (NFAC), founded in 2011 by VOICE-Buffalo and PUSH, works to build a community partnership with National Fuel. The coalition tirelessly fights for justice for low-income and working people who are forced to make tough choices because of unaffordable gas bills that result from houses without basic insulation.

National Fuel benefits directly from this housing crisis. To combat this problem, members of the Coalition have been calling on National Fuel to become a part of the solution through the creation of a community partnership that focuses on investing in weatherization for those who need it the most in our region.

And that’s not all. NFAC is also asking our state representatives to mandate community reinvestment by the utility company, for community oversight of the Public Service Commission, and for a long term plan for a community controlled green alternative to National Fuel.

To date, the National Fuel Accountability Coalition is comprised of eighteen organizations throughout Western New York that include:

For more, up-to-date, information about NFAC’s upcoming events, programs and news visit them online.