National Fuel To Negotiate With The Community on The Issue Of Conservation

The community has walked a step forward in it's effort in combating the weatherization crisis in New York State. We won a victory on Friday June 3rd 2011. The New York State Public Service Commission agreed that the community should be allowed to have a hearing on how their CIP money is being spent. The National Fuel Accountability Coalition (NFAC) got the PSC to hold a public hearing on reforming National Fuels Gas's (NFG) CIP. Taking place on Wednesday July 6th starting at 3pm inside the Central Branch Library in Buffalo, it will be preceded by a rally inside Lafayette Sq. at 2:30pm. There will be hearings the following day in the towns of Amherst and Cheektowaga. PUSH Buffalo along with the community, and our partners in the NFAC have been fighting for this for over the past year. The CIP is funded by a charge on the customer's monthly utility bill and tops $10 million annually. The NFAC believes that this money could be put to better use than it is now. Among the reforms being proposed is that NFG match funds paid by the public ($10 million) and place it into the program. The CIP should make creating green jobs in high unemployment communities a bigger priority. The CIP must also be more accountable to the public. We don't think it is fair that NFG CEO David Smith made $7.1 million dollars last year while many in the community struggled to pay their gas bills. �Going green is just not a lifestyle, it's about survival� The war on the weatherization crisis in New York continues.