New Buffalo Credit Union Begins Online Fundraising Campaign


As has been reported in some media outlets, PUSH Buffalo is teaming up with a new neighborhood, credit union start-up. There has been a new online fundraising effort launched to help with this important endeavor.

From the Good Neighbors Federal Credit Union:

"In the West Side, Black Rock and Riverside neighborhoods of Buffalo, there are barriers that keep people from accessing the financial services they need. 

Our diverse neighborhoods include refugees, people living on low incomes, and a lot of people who don't speak English at home. Traditional financial services are not meeting the needs of our community, and without access to basic financial services, our neighbors are paying way too much to do things like cash checks, take out small loans, and pay bills. This makes saving money for goals like education, starting a business or owning a home incredibly difficult for a huge number of people our community. One in four of us don't have access to basic financial services.

One in four people don't have access to basic financial services in the western neighborhoods of Buffalo." (West Side, Black Rock, Riverside)

This campaign will support GNFCU in becoming a Community Development Financial Institution, and will allow us to apply for $150,000 we need for staff costs, equipment, and other things we really need in order to open.

If you can share this campaign today or make a donation of any size, it will make a huge difference. Help build financial power in our neighborhood through cooperative financial services!

By starting a cooperatively-owned credit union, we're going to build bridges over those barriers. Through Good Neighbors FCU, neighbors will help neighbors, and we'll be able to offer the services our community needs and uses, so that all of us can achieve our dreams."

Would you like to help a great cause? Good, here's a link to the information